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I’m extremely happy with my Kyocera Professional Chef Knives. They are amazingly sharp
and light weight making it easy to use.
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About Kyocera Knife Products

A Kyocera knife is a real experience for anyone who's never used it.  This amazingly sharp
blade can be a real wonder to use in the kitchen – try one out today!
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Kyocera Santoku Knife

Anyone who loves cooking needs a great knife, and the Kyocera Santoku knife is the
perfect choice.  Sharp, long lasting, and durable, this advanced ceramic-bladed knife will
work in nearly any kitchen.


Kyocera Ceramic Knife

If you've never tried the Kyocera ceramic knife, now's the time to do it.  This sharp, light
blade comes in many different styles and sizes and it could really change your kitchen.



Kyocera Chef Knife

Kyocera chef knives are preferred for prep and cooking tasks by many professional chefs. 
If you've always wanted to feel like a pro in the kitchen, this is the tool that'll help you do it.

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Kyocera Ceramic Slicer

Anyone who's had trouble dealing with vegetable slicers should take a second look.
The Kyocera ceramic slicer offers trouble free slicing and blades that'll stay sharp for years.



Kyocera Ceramic Cutlery

If you're tired of dealing with steel knives that go dull fast and need a lot of upkeep, ceramic
knives may be the answer. These durable knives stay sharp longer and perform better
in the kitchen.
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Kyocera Paring Knife

The Kyocera paring knife is the perfect choice for any kitchen where you need to keep up
with the little jobs. This ceramic bladed knife stays sharp and makes cutting and paring a breeze.



Kyocera Knife Set

If you've been looking for the perfect addition to your kitchen, the Kyocera knife set is the
right choice for you.  These strong, sharp ceramic blades aren't just great looking – they're
long lasting, too.


How To Sharpen Ceramic Knives

It is fairly well known that ceramic blades generally do not need to be sharpened at all.
But there are times when a blade needs to be sharpened. Read more...


Kyocera Knife Sharpener

The ideal solution to easily sharpen your Kyocera ceramic knives right at home. Read more...


Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder

The Grinder, made from advanced ceramic close
in hardness to diamond; will never rust and will provide a long useful life
.


Kyocera Ceramic Grater

The grater, made from advanced ceramic close in hardness diamond,
will make any grating task easier and faster than ever before.


Kyocera Ceramic Mill

The Mill has an advanced ceramic grinding mechanism provides consistent, durable
performance and will never rust.

Perfect for coarsely ground peppercorns, sea salt, spices or seeds.
The clever upright design keeps counters clean.


Kyocera Ceramic Scissors

The scissors, made from advanced ceramic close in hardness diamond,
will make any cutting task easier and faster than before.


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