A Kyocera Santoku Knife Is A Great Investment

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Kyocera Santoku Knife Reviews:

  • "When we got the product and opened the box we were skeptical. The blades looked plastic...then we got out the produce and started cutting. We cut paper thin slices of apple and tomato and we were amazed. We have used them for all kinds of foods now-chicken, mango, peppers, apples, ginger, cilantro, etc. We are very pleased and would purchase again...don't forget to use a plastic or wood cutting board to keep your knives sharp (don't cut on glass boards)."
    Katie L. Verstegen


Anyone who loves cooking needs a great knife, and the Kyocera Santoku knife is the perfect choice.  Sharp, long lasting, and durable, this advanced ceramic-bladed knife will work in nearly any kitchen.



The Kyocera Santoku Knife Is The Best
Investment You Can Get For Your Kitchen


kyocera santoku knife


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic
  • Light Weight
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Sharper then Steel
  • Rarely needs Sharpening

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The Kyocera ceramic Santoku knife is an incredible find. This high tech, light weight blade is sharp right out of the box, and it's made to stay that way for years. Made from high quality, extremely dense and sharp ceramic, these Japanese knives are light years beyond your old steel knives in performance, resistance to staining and deterioration, and their ability to retain an edge. If you try out a Kyocera Santoku knife, you'll be amazed by the difference it makes.



Ceramic knives have been used for surgery for more than twenty years. That's because glass and ceramic blades can be much sharper than even a steel scalpel. Unfortunately, most glass blades shatter and chip easily. That meant that they weren't used much until the development of the material used in the Kyocera Santoku ceramic knife.  kyocera santoku

This material was originally developed for industrial uses, where it had to be durable, strong, non reactive and stay sharp.  It was quickly realized that these are all great properties for a kitchen knife to have, as well.  The blade is a simple, matte white color (though there are also less brittle black ceramic Santoku knives from Kyocera as well) and cleans up with just soap and water. 

The first thing you'll probably notice, besides the unusual color, is just how light these knives are.  It can take some getting used to, but it's a great feature in the long run. These lighter knives with ergonomic handles will reduce fatigue, allowing you to accomplish your kitchen tasks much more easily and quickly. They're great for people who need to worry about their hands, but they work well for anyone else, as well.


The best part is that you won't have to sharpen that incredibly sharp edge for several years in most cases.  People have owned their Kyocera knives for four years or more without needing to send them in for sharpening.  However, if your blade does get dull, all you have to do is pack up your Kyocera Santoku knife and send it back with shipping and handling fees.  It'll return to you in top condition, ready to work for you for years.

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What about a warranty? This is a pricey knife, and ceramics are known for their brittleness, after all. Well, you should understand that the intense pressure and heat these blades undergo while they're being made makes them a lot stronger and less susceptible to damage than your average ceramic tool.  However, they can still be damaged if dropped, just like a steel knife. 

That means that you'll need to have your knife repaired or replaced in some cases. Fortunately, the Kyocera Ceramic Santoku knife and just about every other blade from this company comes with a five year limited warranty.  If your knife is damaged under normal working conditions, it'll be repaired or replaced by the company. 

That's a nice security feature you can rely on.  If you've been looking for a serious tool for your kitchen, you can't go wrong with the Kyocera Santoku knife. Take a look at this great kitchen knife and see what it could do for you.







Kyocera Santoku Knife Review


"There is only one word for this pair of knives -SEXY! They take the cake, literally. They are packaged nicely and cut so silky it's unreal. I just can't get over how sharp they are... If you buy these, you better get some extra fruits/veggies just to play with because they blow your mind so much that you just wanna play with food. REALLY! I wasted yet another cucumber tonight just mincing and slicing paper thin pieces. They are beautiful. You WILL NOT be dismayed if you are thinking about purchasing this duo. Cool videos on YouTube that tell you the history, so that's a plus. Happy shopping. These knives are just IT!"
J. Offenbaker

A Kyocera Santoku Knife Is The Best Investment You Can Get For Your Kitchen