The Kyocera Paring Knife is Great For Small Jobs In The Kitchen

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Kyocera Paring Knife Reviews:

  • "All I can say is anyone who doesn't have a ceramic knife needs to buy to find out just how sharp these things really are!! Using is believing."
    D. Conrad


  • "I have purchased a dozen paring knives over twenty years and these do not compare to permanently SHARP, (just bought one $140 Shun, little different) ... I lost my last ceramic and boy, boy did I miss it, now I love to cut everything in sight again... cannot go wrong (do not buy with little kids, too sharp and might break) GREAT PRODUCT A+ buy three and leave them around for all tasks... lasts forever!"

  • Steve "Meatdrink"

The Kyocera paring knife is the perfect choice for any kitchen where you need to keep up with the little jobs. This ceramic bladed knife stays sharp and makes cutting and paring a breeze.


Use a Kyocera Paring Knife
For All Those Small Jobs

kyocera paring knife



  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic
  • Light Weight
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Sharper then Steel
  • Rarely needs Sharpening



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A paring knife is an important, all purpose tool in the kitchen.  Sure, you need that six or eight inch knife, too, but without a paring knife, you just can't do the little things.  Sometimes, you really need a nimble little blade that you can use without the rest of the knife getting in the way.  However, steel knives go dull quickly, and are annoying to sharpen on a regular basis.  The good news is that a Kyocera knife could allow you to perform all those small jobs without having to do the sharpening.

These Kyosera ceramic cutlery knives are just as sharp and durable as their larger cousins, but they're small enough to get the little jobs done.  You'll be amazed every time you use one of them.  These knives are so sharp, light, and easy to use on almost any surface type that they're an essential for people who want to be sure that every cut is a clean and even one.  No matter what you cut, you'll feel like you're slicing through butter.  You'll be surprised by the versatility one of these little three inch Kyocera paring knives can display.

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These Japanese kitchen knives are vital in the kitchen and last for a long time.  People who've had them for four years still haven't needed to sharpen their Kyocera paring knives.  Plus, the non reactive ceramic material of the blade won't lead to discoloration of food or of the knife, to pitting or rust, or to that nasty metallic taste that comes with some steel knives. 
A Kyocera paring knife may come with a high price tag, but it's also high in quality, and that makes it worth it in the end.  Kyocera is the best in the ceramics industry, so don't expect anything less than the best from their knives.




You might have heard that ceramic blades
like the Kyocera paring knife are more fragile than steel.  This is true, but it doesn't mean that your knife will break like a plate if it's dropped, or that there's nothing you can do if your strong, durable blade does sustain a nick or other damage.  You see even if you drop the knife into the floor and the tip breaks off (something that happens to the best steel blades, too), you can send yours back to Kyocera.  There's a limited five year warranty, in which your blade will be repaired or replaced.  That means your Kyocera paring knife is protected even against accidents.


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If you use your knife until it becomes dull (a process that normally takes several years), you'll be able to have it sharpened again by paying only shipping and handling costs.  Then, it'll be good as new, and will have that razor sharp, long lasting edge again.  Combined with an ergonomic, fatigue reducing handle, that means you'll be able to do all kinds of small kitchen tasks with ease with these japanese kitchen knives.  For the small jobs, you need a small knife, but that doesn't mean that you're going to have to sacrifice quality.  Check out the Kyocera paring knife, and see what a difference it could make in your kitchen.





Kyocera Paring Knife Review


"WOW! This is my first Kyocera - but it won't be the last. I just got it today and put it through it's paces.........a very soft tomato, went right through it, crisp celery, neat and clean, no strings, pared a tater in nothing flat. By comparison, I received a less expensive ceramic knife set for Christmas..........not nearly as sharp as the Kyocera. Can't wait to get a few more. Highly recommend this brand - no kitchen should be without at least one!"
Shelly "food/cooking enthusiast"


"This knife is insanely awesome.

I am not a professional chef, I'm just a guy that watches food network and tries everything. I have a fair collection of kitchen tools (a 7" Shun/Ken Onion knife, a wustof [however its spelled]), and I do like to cook.

This knife is insanely sharp. When I first got it, I was messing around with an onion to see how thin I could slice it and it was so easy. Its inert - so theres no metal taste, and cake to clean. I've treated it well, and only used it for slicing/cutting.

You're not supposed to smash stuff with it, or use too much force. While I'm no expert, I've always understood that if you're using a knife that requires a crapload of force, you probably need to get it sharpened or get a new knife. I suspect the reviews regarding the chipping/breaking of these ceramic knives are probably due to heavy force use - and ceramic or not, I dont think a 3" pairing knife is the right tool for such a job.

While I can't say that I use this knife 24x7, but it is definitely a great compliment to the other knives/tools/items in my kitchen - and if you've got a knife block that you've added items to, you'll find this is an excellent addition for the money.."
Andy Goodwin "AndyG"