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Kyocera Knife Reviews:

    "A dull knife is the most dangerous tool in the kitchen. I've always owned very good knives -- including Henckels (not the ones made in China), Wustof, Shun, etc. -- and have always sharpened my own knives with steels and with my Chef's Choice electric sharpeners. But these ceramic knives by Kyocera truly are great because they don't need sharpening and are extremely sharp. I can pull these knives out each time and know they are ready for use. I make my own gravlax and am impressed with the paper-thin slices of the raw fish that I can get from using the ceramic knives."
    April Lee

    "My parents have a version of this knife, and I love using it, and always miss it when I go back to my normal knives. It's too expensive to buy for myself, but I decided to buy this knife for my boyfriend, and he loves it, too! He's worked in restaurants and is a serious cooking hobbyist. He has excellent steel knives, but they don't hold a candle to this. I bought him a tomato and gave it to him when I gave him this knife, and he cut it into slices so thin he could read through them, and the gooey inards didn't get squished out. This knife is super sharp, comfortable grip, and just fabulous. He was sold on first slice. You will be, too. And the black blade is super cool. For $75, this knife is a steal. Be warned, it's hard to go back to your normal knives after you've used this bad boy. "


A Kyocera knife is a real experience for anyone who's never used it.  This amazingly sharp blade can be a real wonder to use in the kitchen – try one out today!

Using A Kyocera Knife Is Like
Cutting Through Butter


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Have you heard about the amazing Kyocera knife?  This incredible blade is something special.  Made in Japan from materials originally developed for industrial use, this is the knife you'll love.  It's incredibly strong, stays sharper longer than any other knife material around, and is nearly as hard as diamond.  Plus, the ceramic material that a Kyocera knife is made from is also chemically inert, so there's no staining of the blade, or of the food you cut with it. They have -by far- the best kitchen knives!


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kyocera knives

This kind of knife is also impervious to damage from acids, salts, and other substances, will never rust, and is resistant against bacteria and other pathogens.  That makes for a safe, high quality knife that'll really last.  Kyocera knives is perfect for any general application where it needs to resist wear and retain a sharp edge.  Ceramic knives are more brittle than steel, but they won't break when dropped (though their tips can be damaged).  If your knife does sustain damage when dropped, just send it back to Kyocera, knives from this company are guaranteed for up to five years with normal use.




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The process of making a Kyocera knife is an interesting one. 
Ceramic powder is baked at an extremely high temperature until the tiny particles fuse together.  This creates a material that's a lot denser than ordinary ceramics like stoneware or porcelain.  This kind of material, when used in a knife blade, is able to withstand a lot of pressure.  Because of their special design, these knives are best for slicing, and chopping or prying should be avoided with every knife, not just a ceramic blade.




kyocera knife reviewOn wood or plastic cutting boards, these knives are incredible, and your knife will stay sharp for many years to come.  The average in normal use is three to five years, though professional chefs may have to have their ceramic Kyocera knife sharpened more often. 

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Fortunately, it's easy to do.  Just send the knife and a small fee to the company, and you'll have it back shortly, with a new, razor edge that'll last for several more years. 



best kitchen knives

Clean ceramic knives with liquid detergent and water, or a mild cleanser, and they'll stay beautiful.  Remember not to clean ceramic knives in the dishwasher, though ceramic slicers are dishwasher safe.  Store them in a safe box, in a knife block, or in a plastic sheath to protect you and the blade.

kyocera knife review
If you love to cook, you couldn't do better than trying out a great Kyocera knife.  You'll be amazed by how quickly and easily you can cut things using these Kyocera knives. 

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They have an incredibly sharp edge, and it takes a long time for a knife of this quality to lose it.  Keep your knives in the right condition, and they'll keep on serving you for many years to come.  If you haven't experienced a new knife from the Kyocera ceramic cutlery series, now's the time to try one out. They were not voted Best Kitchen Knives for nothing!






Kyocera Knife Review



"I bought this knife recently as a work knife at my job. I am a professional chef and I am experienced and well educated on cutlery. This is the second ceramic knife I have bought, the first was dropped by a co-worker and that knife shattered. I love working with ceramic knives because they are the sharpest knives around,period. Nothing is sharper. It glides through food. It requires a bit more care, but if you take good care if it ,it will last a lifetime. This knife is very versitile in the 7" model and very resonably priced. Perfect for meat and fish, slicing, fruit and vegatables. I can cut perfect slices, juliannes, and very fine dice. I laugh when I hear people talk about " my shun knife" or the extremely over-rated "my henckels". They are good all right but very expensive and they will NEVER be as sharp or hold it for as long as a ceramic. "

Jason Francis


"I'm not a professional chef.........I just have a bad case of "chef envy". Recently got this knife based on the chef's recommendation - LOVE it. Extremely sharp, as are all the Kyocera knives. Very well balanced and comfortable to use. I have a full set of top of the line Henckels - love them too - but I find myself reaching for the Kyoceras for most jobs because of their sharpness. This knife allows you to slice through large onions and get really thin slices with ease. Goes through meats like butter. This 7" knife is a new addition to the Kyocera line, and I'm glad they added it. The Revolution blade is a little heftier - and the black blade is very cool looking.
Don't be fooled by cheaper imitations - if you're going ceramic, go Kyocera. I was given a less expensive starter set from Linens N Things. They weren't Kyocera - and they were a disappointment and waste of money.
In my opinion, this knife, a paring knife, and 5" slicing knife are must haves for serious cooks. Expensive - but worth every penny. In the case of Kyocera, you get what you pay for - top quality."

Shelly "food/cooking enthusiast"


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