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Kyocera Knife Set Reviews:

  • "These knives are great. We got them for our retired parents that seem to already have everything and they were delighted. The Knives are very sharp and only will only rarely need to be sharpened. Although when they do need to be sharpened they need to be shipped where you knife owner will pay the shipping. Also, the ceramic knives are not as durable as steel knives so care must be taken when using them.
    All around these are great knives and my parents (who spend a lot of time in the kitchen) are very pleased. They cut very nicely and will not dull any time soon!.
    James S. Ayers "Consumer X


  • "I found this knive to be the perfect size for slicing vegatables. Much better than steel. Easy to clean. Worth the price!"

M. Konopka "kanop44"

culinary knife set

kyocera knife set review

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If you've been looking for the best addition to your kitchen, the Kyocera knife set is the right choice for you.  These strong, sharp ceramic blades aren't just great looking – they're long lasting, too.


With the Kyocera Knife Set
You Don’t Need Any Other Knives

Kyocera knife set


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic
  • Light Weight
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Sharper then Steel
  • Rarely needs Sharpening


Are you tired of using knives that stop being sharp quickly, and finding they bruise and tear foods rather than slicing cleanly?  If so, you're not alone. 

Knives are the most important and most frequently used kitchen utensils. In choosing a new knife set, the main considerations are which knife set to purchase and which knife is used for what purpose. Buying a knife set is an important decision. The knives you choose should last a lifetime.


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There are lots of people like you out there who are tired of their old steel knives.  Fortunately for them and for you, Kyocera chef knife sets are the perfect solution to this problem.  Featuring the most popular culinary ceramic knife set this company has to offer, these sets could bring about a real revolution in your kitchen.  Want to find out more?  Read on.



One basic Kyocera knife set includes a peeler that works on almost everything, a four and a half inch utility knife and a three inch paring knife.  The white zirconium oxide blades stay sharp much longer than real steel.  These fine ceramic knives are strong, light, well weighted and sharp, and they'll stay that way for years under normal use.  Professional chefs even prefer these blades for delicate work like cutting sushi and for normal kitchen prep work, too!  If you've always wanted to work with real professional chef tools, a Kyocera culinary knife set could be a great beginning. This is by far the best kitchen knife set available!

kyocera ceramic slicer

You'll get plenty of knuckle clearance when cutting fruit, vegetables and boneless meat, or when paring foods.  The peeler works on almost anything slicing chocolate and cheese to delicate shavings, peeling carrots, potatoes and other regular vegetables with ease, and much more.  It's even sharp enough to peel delicate fruits and vegetables like tomatoes. There's no more bruising food before you cut it. These Japanese made knives under go an incredible manufacture process, where they spend twenty four hours under twenty thousand tons of pressure to create a dense, durable product that'll last for years.

With blades sharper than steel and almost ash hard as diamond
, a Kyocera knife set will never rust or discolor.  Oils, acids, salts and other substances can't affect this nonreactive material.  The smell, flavor, color and look of your food is unaffected by these beautiful knives.  The basic Kyocera knife set, with white blades, is somewhat more brittle than steel, and should not be dropped or treated roughly. 




kyocera knife sets

However, even if dropped, the blade won't shatter.  Tips may be damaged, however. Stronger Kyocera knife sets are available with black blades that have been through an additional kilning process.  If your knife ever dulls, just ship it back to Kyocera and get it back as sharp as new and ready to serve you for years.  I have said it before: They have the best kitchen knife sets available!

These light weight, well balanced knives are great for any serious cook.  If you've been looking for the right knife set for your kitchen, it's time to take a look at offerings from Kyocera.  You'll get a selection of attractive, useful knives that you can put to work for you right away.  Investigate your options and learn why Kyocera knife sets are the choice of serious chefs.  




Kyocera Knife Set Review



"These knives took a little getting used to at first. They just have a different "feel" than my high-end steel knives. At first I thought I might cut myself but you get used to them quickly. It's almost spooky how easily they glide through food. You can make tomato slices so thin you can almost see through them! They are almost all I use - I'll wash and re-use my ceramic knives before going to the rack for a steel one. My only problem is my wife and squabble over who gets them when we are cooking together...
Lars Ensign "toproper"


"My assistant at the Inn, trained in culinary school in Paris, told me about these ceramic knives. I have a wonderful namebrand set of steel knives that she ribbed me about not being very sharp and that ceramic knives were better. I was curious, so ordered these to find out if they are as sharp and easy to use as she said. And now I can say first hand, that they are! I love cutting tomato slices that thin! Still need my steel knives for boned meat and bread cutting, but so glad that I ordered these for the fruits and veggies that we use so much of at the Inn."
C Buckley "With Eyes Wide Open"


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