Kyocera Ceramic Vegetable Mandoline Slicer

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Kyocera Ceramic Slicer Reviews:

  • "Highly recommended! This mandoline slicer works exactly as described -- on the 0.5 setting the slices are paper-thin, and even thinner if you do not press down too hard. The blade is very sharp; the food doesn't get stuck in it. The cutouts on one end make it very secure when slicing over a bowl. Very easy to clean. I bought this slicer because I have had such good results with my Kyocera ceramic vegetable peeler, and this slicer is another hit!"


Anyone who's had trouble dealing with vegetable slicers should take a second look. The Kyocera ceramic slicer offers trouble free slicing and blades that'll stay sharp for years.



The Kyocera Mandoline Is Better Than Any Slicer You Have Ever Tried Before

kyocera ceramic slicer

Slicing vegetables can be a real chore with an ordinary knife, which is why vegetable slicers and mandolines were invented.  However, many of these tools go dull quickly, making it just as hard to use them to cut foods as it is to use a knife, in only a short period of time.  That's why a Kyocera mandoline is such a great idea.  This slicer comes in double and single edged models, and produces consistent, thin slices again and again.

The secret is that just like any Kyocera knife, the slicer uses ceramic blades that stay sharp for years.  They're light and dishwasher safe, as well as rust proof.  This kind of blade won't react with acids, salts, or anything else, either. Your food and the slicer will stay in perfect shape, with no metallic tang or damage to the blade.  You'll be amazed by the difference it makes.


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The single blade slicer produces thin and consistent slices, about a millimeter and a half thick.  The double edged Kyocera ceramic slicer cuts in half the time, and is good for just about any use, from stir fries to potato chips to apple slices.  Every slice will be even and smooth, and it'll be years before you need to send the blade in to the company for sharpening.  That's an inexpensive process that'll ensure you have a razor sharp slicer for many more years afterward. Also check out the kyocera ceramic peeler, it is a great find!

Made from appealing black, yellow, green or red plastic
and long lasting ceramic, the Kyocera ceramic slicer has a safety guard for fingers and slices almost all fruits and vegetables.  This blade can be used in both directions, allowing for more versatile slicing, too.  The total length is about eleven inches, and the cutting area is around seven inches.  The Kyocera ceramic slicer is three and a half inches wide, and features a fine ceramic blade that won't discolor or tear sliced foods. 


kyocera ceramic slicer

Kyocera ceramic cutlery blades are made from a type of zirconium developed for use in industrial situations.  It was designed for use where materials needed to be heat resistant, strong, sharp, and non-reactive.  Then, Kyocera realized that this great material was also excellent for making the world's best knife and slicer blades.  You'll never go back to another steel bladed slicer once you've tried one of these incredible devices.  Made from many tiny particles of ceramic material bonded together with heat, this is one slicer that's better than any you've ever encountered before.


kyocera ceramicIf you've been struggling with an ordinary steel knife or a steel slicer to deal with your vegetables, it's time to stop.  Say goodbye to brown and discolored vegetables and fruits with a metallic flavor, to dull blades and frustration.  Instead, check out the Kyocera ceramic peeler and slicer in single and double edged types, and see what you've been missing.  This is one kitchen gadget you'll use all the time, in all kinds of circumstances.  It's versatile, useful, and the fine ceramic blades will never go dull, making the Kyocera ceramic slicer worth the price.





Kyocera Ceramic Mandoline Slicer Review


Although I also bought a "professional mandoline", I thought this would make a handy little item. Boy - was I right! I use this mandoline more than the professional. Why? It is convenient! It's very sharp (the porcelein blade is much sharper than metal), the hand guard is comfortable and easy to use, the whole device is dishwasher safe, and it takes little counter space and little storage space. I use it to slice veggies for everything from sandwiches to tostadas to soups to breakfast burritos. Here's what it does not do: Although the blade is "adjustable", only the biggest setting works correctly. The smaller settings makes mush of your veggies. Also, it is not quite wide enough. At the thickest part of a big round onion, it would have to be turned sideways. Finally, it only has 1 blade and so it only does the one style of cut. I highly recommend it. It is so easy to use that you will use it frequently. In fact, when you think: "Should I drag out the big mandoline?" You will say "No, I'll just use my little one (the Kyocera)".
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Kyocera Ceramic Vegetable Mandoline Slicer