Kyocera Ceramic Scissors

The Kyocera Ceramic scissors, made from advanced ceramic close in hardness diamond, will make any cutting task easier and faster than before.

Introducing The Kyocera Ceramic Scissors


kyocera ceramic scissors

  • Rust-proof

  • Superior Edge Retention

  • Safe & Non-Conductive

  • Lightweight & Easy to Use

These scissors feature advanced ceramic blades, which will never rust, pit or corrode, making them ideal to be used in places like the kitchen, your garden or the boat.


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Long-lasting sharp Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Scissors will not brown foods or transfer a metallic taste, whether you're clipping herbs in the garden or cutting chicken strips for fajitas.

Engineered with exclusive Kyocera Advanced Ceramics blades that are second only to diamonds in hardness, the Kyocera ceramic scissors deliver long-lasting sharpness.

Precisely aligned ceramic blades are non-magnetic and non-conductive and provide a safety blunting for everyday use in the kitchen or office.

Usually half the weight of traditional scissors, the kitchen scissors with ergonomic handles are easy to maneuver. Simply rinse clean and wipe dry.


The non-conductive feature in these ceramic shears valso provides safety in electrical-related cutting tasks.





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