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Kyocera Ceramic Mill Reviews:

    "This mill works like a charm at a lot cheaper price than any other ceramic mill that I was able to find. I am using it with some Celtic sea salt that seemed to be a lot more moist than other sea salt that I had used and my old mill would not grind it. This mill does so perfectly. ."

The Kyocera Ceramic Mill has an advanced ceramic grinding mechanism provides consistent, durable performance and will never rust. Perfect for coarsely ground peppercorns, sea salt, spices or seeds. The clever upright design keeps counters clean.

Use The Kyocera Ceramic Mill For Grinding Everything From Salt, Pepper, Spices and Seeds


kyocera ceramic mill
Kyocera Ceramic Fine Mill

4.9-inch height

Unparalleled Purity. Ceramic is a pure and healthy alternative. Unlike steel blades, ceramic blades will never rust or change from its natural state. It is totally impervious to acids, juices, oils, salts, or other elements.

Ultra Lightweight. Kyocera ceramic cutlery is typically half the weight of an equivalent steak knife. Since the ceramic blade is so light, no artificial weight is added to the handle.

Advanced ceramic grinding mechanism provides consistent, durable performance and will never rust.



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Kyocera Ceramic Salt Pepper and Spice Mill - 3 Piece Set

Advanced ceramic grinding mechanism provides consistent, durable performance and will never rust

Perfect for coarsely ground peppercorns, sea salt, spices or seeds

Dishwasher safe; Rust proof

Perfect for salt, pepper and spices

Set includes, one each of white, black and yellow grinders


kyocera coffee mill

Kyocera Coffee Mill

Multi-purpose grinder prepares fresh coffee, salt, pepper, green tea, and even sesame seeds

A ceramic grinding mechanism never alters flavor of grinds, resulting in fresh, flavorful, and pure ingredients

Advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond; will never rust and will provide a long useful life

Adjustable from fine to coarse grinds; non-slip base ensures stability

Reusable glass container stores up to 100 g of coffee grinds and is dishwasher safe





kyocera everything mill

Kyocera Everything Mill


This versatile mill provides an adjustable dial that allows fine to coarse grinds, while the cap keeps spices dry in humid conditions.

Adjustable dial: For fine to coarse grinds

Re-usable glass container is dishwasher safe

Advanced ceramic mechanism is non-reactive and will never rust
Grinding mechanism made out of zirconium oxide; durability outlasts any metal-based grinding mechanisms



kyocera ceramic coarse mill


Kyocera Ceramic Coarse Mill


Fresh, flavorful, pure results

Consistent performance

Rust proof

Spices freshly ground always add more flavor to favorite dishes. Using Kyocera's ceramic grinder, you can prepare rubs, season salads and enjoy a variety of food with a simple twist of the inverted jar, resulting in a fine grind.

The ceramic grinding blade is second only to diamonds in sharpness and holds it's edge 10 times longer than metal.

A plastic cap keeps contents fresh when not in use.


Kyocera Ceramic Mill Review



"Finally...this one really works on the damp coarse sea salt!!!! I've been using it for over a month and it has never clogged!! The design of this mill is near mess from the mill sitting on it's grinder like most mills....This beauty sits on it's amply sized glass resevoir...the grinder is then protected from dirt and dust by it's easy to remove cap!! I can't say enough about this mill....I've used other very pricey models that were total crap. I'm buying all my kids one for Christmas!!!! ."


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