If you've never tried the Kyocera ceramic knife, now's the time to do it.  This sharp, light blade comes in many different styles and sizes and it could really change your kitchen.


Have You Tried The Amazing
Kyocera Ceramic Knife Yet?


kyocera ceramic knives


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic
  • Light Weight
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Sharper then Steel
  • Rarely needs Sharpening


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Ceramic knives could revolutionize your kitchen.  They're attractive, ergonomic, and they stay sharper longer than any steel knife.  A Kyocera ceramic knife requires little maintenance and some models are even just as durable as a steel blade.  Ceramic kitchen knives are also resistant to pathogen contamination and never rust.  They don't corrode or break down from salt, acid, or other substances, and they'll never add that metallic tang to your food.

These knives are extremely hard, rating near an 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.  Steel ranges between 5 and 6.5 on this scale, and diamond is an incredible 10.  These knives are wear resistant and chemically inert.  Made from a material originally developed for its hardness and wear resistance in industrial situations, the Kyocera ceramic cutlery knife is truly an amazing tool. 



ceramic knives kyocera

Made by bonding minute particles of zirconium with heat, these knives stay sharp and are stronger than other ceramics.  The Kyocera knife has an especially fine zirconium powder, and are harder than competitiors' knives. These blades do not bend or warp.  Normally, Kyocera ceramic knives will take three to five years to get dull, and is guaranteed to five years against breakage under normal use.  Even a damaged tip can be repaired under your five year warranty, as long as it was broken under reasonable circumstances.

These knives use a partial tang that extends well into the handle, and most knives include a counterweight to give them better balance.  You might be surprised when you pick one up for the first time.  They're extremely light and easy to maneuver.  Kyocera makes a number of different lines, varying in price and performance.  From the lowest priced to the highest, however, you'll know that you're buying top quality.


kyocera ceramics knife set

The Kyocera Ceramics knives series, or KC knives  all have ergonomically shaped handles made from fine woods.  They're stained black, with a high gloss finish and have a partial tang.  These are among the most economical type of Kyocera ceramic knife, and are one of the most popular choices for home chefs who care about the quality of their knives.

Koyocera's Kyotop, or KT series have special blades that have been fired twice for strength.  Made from zirconium carbide, these blades turn black in the second firing, and are a lot less brittle than ordinary ceramic knives.  That means they resist damage from dropping or misuse.  The handles are made from lacquered wood, and this line is somewhat more costly.

For those with hand problems, the Ergonomic series is also available.  Just like other ceramic kitchen knives, they have blades that stay sharp and hold up.  However, they also feature an ergonomic plastic handle to reduce fatigue and hand strain. 
The Kyocera ceramic knife is worth a try.  It could do a lot for your kitchen and revolutionize the way you cook.  Just check it out – see a demonstration of one of these incredible blades.  You'll be amazed by the difference it makes.  These knives are light, strong, and sharp!






Kyocera Ceramic Knife Review


I bought this knife after seeing how they are made on a television show. I have been very pleased with it's performance.
The knife is only for cutting through flesh - fruit, vegetables and boneless meat only. Do not expect to use this knife on bone-in meat without chipping the knife.
As far as cutting, it is very sharp. I get clean and easy cuts, including frozen meat. I was running late making dinner one night, pulled out a package of frozen chicken breast and chopped it into slices in no time.
The manufacturer recommends this knife be cleaned and stowed immediately after use - if you leave in in the bottom of a stainless steel sink, be prepared for a dull and/or shattered knife (when you forget the knife is in the sink and you drop in a heavy pan). Hand wash only!
My only gripe is the handle. As mentioned in other reviews, it is very smooth with no features to grip - it can get slippery with prolonged use.

E. Oshea