How To Sharpen Ceramic Knives

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Kyocera Knife Sharpener Reviews:

    "I have purchased about 5 sharpeners (black ceramic, 4 diamond sharpeners) that were supposed to sharpen ceramic knives. My wife brought this model back from Japan just recently and it sharpened my two ceramics like none of the others. Like the first reviewer said almost as sharp as factory. My big knife had a small nick in it and the directions explained how to grind it out and it worked. Ignore the others and get this one. Battery powered which worried me, but no problems were encountered. ."

It is fairly well known that ceramic blades generally do not need to be sharpened at all.
But there are times when a blade needs to be sharpened.

How To Sharpen Ceramic Knives


How To Sharpen Ceramic KnivesWhen these knives were introduced, you had to send it to the manufacturer or distributor because it "Cannot be sharpened by user".

You can still do that. Kyocera offers free knife re-sharpening on all their ceramic knife products.

Just send the knife back to Kyocera at their Southern California facility, just pay shipping and handling for about $10.
You can send them up to 2 knives for resharpening for that cost, $5 more for an additional knife.

Another way to do it is to buy a ceramic blade sharpener that you can use yourself at home.


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Diamond Grinding Stone #600 Grade: Electric powered diamond grinding stone can take up to 1/2mm off blade; A Replacement diamond grinding stone is available for future use

Safety Cover: Grinding and dust are completely contained within cover
It's easy to clean since cover and grinding stone unit is separate

Assist Roller: To prevent too much sharpening and controls even pressure

Knife Guide Slot: A convenient knife guide slot and assist roller allow for a user-friendly and controlled sharpening of the blade. For left or right handed use. To keep knife at a fixed angle.


Battery powered, this electric ceramic knife sharpener is the perfect solution for at-home resharpening and refreshening of your ceramic kitchen knives.

4 AA batteries not included.

Ideal for the Kyocera Ceramic knife, the diamond grinding stone can take up to .5mm nicks off a blade, achieving a 35-degree angle.

Not recommended for metal knives.
If you want a ceramic sharpener for metal knives, click here.

A replacement diamond grinding stone is available for future use.


Kyocera Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener for Kyocera Ceramic Knifes Review


"I bought this as a gift and the recipient, absolutely loves the ability to sharpen their ceramic knives themselves. At first thought everyone was cautious as to the machines ability, but after running a severely dull knife through it a few times, it came back to life and was able to be used. The only issue is that some knives have a continuous edge from the tang to the tip and those you can't really get in there to sharpen, so this works with some ceramic knives. "


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