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Kyocera Chef Knife Reviews:

  • "Everyone should own a ceramic knife if not several. It manages to always stay sharp and is my go to knife everyday. I will caution you that it is rather brittle, and cannot withstand being dropped on hard surfaces. I have had one of these knives for several years, and have broken the very tip of it off, but otherwise it has held up very well (I'm very careful with it). I don't, however, but it in the dishwasher so maybe that has helped. I love this product and suggest anyone to try it for themselves."
    A. Doty


Kyocera chef knives are preferred for prep and cooking tasks by many professional chefs.  If you've always wanted to feel like a pro in the kitchen, this is the tool that'll help you do it.


Get A Kyocera Chef Knife And Feel Like You
Are Playing With The Big Chefs


Kyocera chef knife black


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic
  • Light Weight
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Sharper then Steel
  • Rarely needs Sharpening


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Chef s love the Kyocera chef knife, and there's a great reason for it.  Kyocera makes knives that really work and with edges that really last.  That's why they're the top choice for many home chefs, as well as quite a few professionals.  It takes years under normal use for the ceramic blade of a Kyocera ceramic chef knife to become dull.  Just treat this kind of blade correctly, and it'll serve you for an incredibly long time.  Here's more about chef's knives from Kyocera and the reasons you'll love them.



Ceramic knives are big in Japan, which is the primary manufacturer of this great type of cutlery.  The material they're made from was originally developed as an industrial material.  It needed to be strong and nonreactive, and it is.  That's why it's so great for use as a knife.  Ceramic stays sharp, holds an edge for a long time, and will never rust or be degraded by acids, salts, or other cooking substances.  The only downside is that a Kyocera knife may be a little more brittle than the knives you're used to.  Make sure you learn to handle it correctly, though, and your knife will last for a long time. 

Kyocera chef knife

Chefs from all over love these knives, including Ming Tsai from the Food Network on television.  One chef has said that he loves these ceramic tools because even slice after slice, they stay sharp.  They're great for prepping for meals or putting something together quickly.  He always reaches for a Kyocera chef knife, and so will you, once you've used one of these amazing tools.  Your kitchen will never be the same with a ceramic chef's knife!

This incredibly sharp blade
has a long life and holds its edge for three to five years of normal household use.  It's rust proof and stain proof, impervious to foods that might discolor steel.  A higher end Kyocera santoku knife even resist dropping and breaking, due to their secondary firing process and ultra strong black blades.  There's no metallic smell or taste to contaminate food, and fruits and vegetables won't brown when cut with this kind of knife.


kyocera chef knife reviews

Easy to clean and easy to use, these non stick, light weight ceramic knives are a great choice for anyone.  They're guaranteed to hold up, too.  There's a five year limited warranty against breakage, as long as you use the knife as directed.  If yours breaks, all you have to do is send it back to receive a new one.  In the event that your blade dulls, return the knife to Kyocera for sharpening for a small fee, then use it for several more years without worry!  That's a lot better than spending all that time sharpening steel chef knives.

If you've always wanted to cook like a professional, now you can.  Check out the wide selection of Kyocera chef knives and see what a difference they could make in your kitchen.  Chefs all over choose the Kyocera chef knife sets for their kitchens, and now it's time to find out why.





Kyocera Chef Knife Reviews


I replaced by favorite knife, a Sears Craftsman, that was over 30 years old, with this state of the art Kyocera ceramic...what a huge difference..cuts meats and vegetables like no other knife can. The black ceramic blade is eye candy.. purchase this knife and you will be glad you did.
G. farfel


Incredibly sharp knife! Haven't had to sharpen it, hone it, nothing. The only thing i don't use it for is smacking garlic cloves and cutting through bone (as it will chip). I will use this product until it spontaneously combusts! :)
J. Sprenkel