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Japanese Chefs Knives Review


    "I was a sous chef for a couple of years and am always on the lookout for quality knives. I can say with no difficulty that these are the sharpest knives I've ever come across. The only problem was they took about 10 business days to arrive.."
    Michael J. Kleber


    "Be very, very careful. These are the sharpest knives I have ever dealt with. I have used it for fish, vegetables, boneless meats, and cheeses. You can make cuts as thin as you want, and the consistency of the cut is amazing. This set is a good introduction, and I am so happy with it that I plan on getting some of the other knives over time. The knives cut well and are very easy to clean...what else could you want? "


I’m extremely happy with my Kyocera Professional Chef Knives. They are amazingly sharp and light weight making it easy to use.


Kyoceras Japanese Chefs Knives Right to Your Kitchen


japanese chefs knivesThese Kyocera Ceramic Professional Chef Knives are a great alternative to metal versions with a resin handle for a highly controlled grip. The Kyocera zirconium oxide blade resists wear and holds its edge for months to years without sharpening. It holds its edge much longer than steel and lasts many months or years without sharpening. Stain and rust-resistant, the blade is impervious to the food acids, and no metallic taste or smell will be absorbed from your food from the knife. Just that makes them the best chefs knives I know about!

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You experience the difference as soon as you pick up anything from the Kyocera Ceramic Cutlery Series.

- Because these blades are ceramic, they never rust or change from its natural state.

Sharper than steel blades
-The zirconium oxide (a highly dvanced ceramic) allows the blade to be sharpened to microscopic precision by diamond wheels.

It will never alter the taste, smell or appearance of food
- The blades are completely impervious to oils, acids, juices, salts and other ingredients- this means your food’s flavour, scent or appearance will not change due to the knife.

Ultra lightweight
- The ceramic blade is light and no added weight is needed on the handle which gives you an extremely balanced cutting experience

Easy Maintenance
Because the surface is smooth and polished, it helps ward off germs.

Comfortable ergonomic handles provide precise control
-These knives are half the weight of equivalent knives made of other materials.

Hard working and light weight
- When you need to re-sharpen your knife after years of service, Kyocera provides a complimentary sharpening service (knife owners pay only for shipping and handling).







If you want an amazing cutting experience, you need a Kyocera Ceramic Knife in your kitchen for a lifetime of easy cutting. These professional Japanese Chefs Knives are amazing!





professional chef knives


These sharp Japanese chefs knives which are light-weight and well balanced with a very ergonomic grip. A delight for everyone needing to slice anything, from thick to thinnest. The sharpness takes away the need to use any kind of force, so the gentlest pressure will do.That sharpness makes it necessary to warn the rest of the family.



Other products include an adjustable Mandoline ceramic slicer, durable kitchen scissors and ceramic spice grinders.


Will a ceramic knife break or shatter if I drop it? Any knife is at the risk of being damaged if not handled correctly. Follow a few basic knife care rules and you will be assured of your knife’s longevity.

Clean ceramic knives with liquid detergent and water, or a mild cleanser, and they'll stay beautiful.  Remember not to clean ceramic knives in the dishwasher, though ceramic slicers are dishwasher safe.  Store them in a safe box, in a knife block, or in a plastic sheath to protect you and the blade.


The first time I picked up a ceramic knife, I immediately fell in love with the incredibly sharp edge, balanced design and how it stays sharp chop after chop and slice after slice.  I am even more excited in helping find new ceramic applications for the home kitchen". - Ming Tsai -






All Kyocera models come in a beautiful presentationstorage box perfect for gift giving.

These are the best chefs knives you will find out there! 

Kyocera Ceramic Knives Review



"1) The sharpest commercial knife you can purchase
2) Will hold its edge much longer than carbon or stainless steel knives
3) Great ergonomics (nice handle and beautiful appearance)

Buy this set

Detailed information and advice:
A bit of background information if you are unfamiliar with ceramic knives. There are basically three types of knives you can purchase:

1) High stainless steel knives - Fairly sharp, hold their edge well, somewhat difficult to sharpen. These are the knives that you are most likely to purchase at a store. Prices range from very cheap to very expensive (I own a Wusthof set, so I know how expensive they can get).

2) High carbon steel knives - Very sharp, dull easily, easy to sharpen. These are the cheapest, easiest to sharpen, and lose their edge the fastest. These also tend to be used by professionals (I managed over 80 "knife hands" early in my career and this is all we used - people would dull on average 6 per day).

3) Ceramic knives - Supremely sharp, hold their edge practically forever, impossible to sharpen. Expensive, and prone to breaking if not used properly.

Most people purchase high stainless steel knife sets, and these are adequate for general utility. But it's not the best strategy for a well prepared chef to follow. The best approach is to have multiple knives and use them for specialized purposes.

Here's what you should do:

1) Buy this ceramic set. Use it for everything except boning. Under no circumstances should you ever use it for boning, as you will likely chip the blade (i.e no knife work that requires any prying or side-to-side motion). Hand wash, and don't drop on your tile floor. They will last you forever and you will wonder why you ever used anything else. (I've owned a 5" ceramic utility for almost 10 years and it still hasn't required sharpening).

2) Go to your local restaurant supply store and buy at several 6" high carbon steel boning knives. They are generally very cheap, and very cheap looking. Use these knives for general cutting and boning. Sharpen them frequently (a quick run over a steel after every use is best).

If you follow this strategy you will be amazed at what you can do with the ceramics, and you will also have the best (and cheapest) boning knives to decrease the chance that you'll ever chip one of your ceramics.

Hope this helps anyone who has stumbled onto this backwater Amazon page in their pursuit of the ultimate knife! . "



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